In Quinte West – and elsewhere – there is a strong need for a regional respite centre to help the families of people with intellectual disabilities and those individuals that need immediate help.

When the facility at 11 Canal Street was being prepared plans were drawn up on how we could expand the facility to incorporate a respite centre with apartments, common areas, and supervision to people who need a few days or even a few weeks of respite care.

We are currently fundraising to build this centre to provide the entire region with the ability to provide respite care for those who need it, when they need it

What do we think a regional respite centre will mean to Quinte West?

  • It will provide relief to families who care for their loved ones with intellectual disabilities
  • It will provide emergency care for aging parents when health issue arise.
  • It will provide Urgent Shelter when someone with an intellectual disability is found homeless and on the street.

What is the benefit of a regional respite centre?

A regional respite centre will provide relief to those families that need relief in the care for their loved ones. Most importantly, it will help to provide the proper care for people with intellectual disabilities that is lacking in the area and will free up hospital services and beds improperly used.

It will mean that people with intellectual disabilities will receive care from people who are trained and educated to work with them rather than trying to house them in ways that do not meet their needs.

Help us to build this regional respite centre by donating to our goal and achieving a DREAM that will improve the lives of thousands.